Marchtrenk, Austria

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Welcome by Roland Hummer

GOAAM Private & Business Coach - The ‚Avatar' of the coaching scene!

Roland looks back less than he is foresighted, and therefore he uses his maturity, international experience as well as his many talents in authentic, emphatic and refreshing coaching methodes .
His strengths in private coaching and corporate consulting lie in the areas of innovation management, transformation processes, early recognition of trends & tipping points such as lean management. He skillfully uses the gift of thinking in scenarios for optimisation s well as team and communication.  A pleasure of creative coaching will await you.

My Vision

A vision is the conception of the state we wish to create.


My Architecture

Architecture is an art form and a science in its own right.


My Business

The way I see it, every business rests first and foremost on ethics.


My Paths

Anyone who travels longs for larger spaces, for a different cultural temperature.


My Art

I dreamed I was conducting an orchestra, but instead of batons I was using large paintbrushes.


My Life

freethinker, lateral thinker and visionary.

Only those who live their dreams can fulfil their longing.