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My Architecture

Architecture is an art form and a science in its own right.

The Secret of Non-construction!

Architecture is an art form and a science in its own right. I am a dreamer, and I yearn for new technologies, for experiments. I yearn for innovative and forward-thinking architecture.

Yearning is the key. A yearning can only be approached, but never grasped. That would be its end. In my view, the practice of construction has nothing to do with the practice of thinking in three dimensions and this is why architecture is often mistaken for construction. I am a committed designer and my commitment is the result of a painstakingly elaborated theory.

For me, free thinking means being capable of three-dimensional and virtual thought.

Working on the worldwide web and producing virtual designs on the computer have become an essential part of this work. I am convinced that today one no longer needs to build to call oneself an architect.

We learn that the quality of the works depends on the evolution of our own qualities, on what we are. The visible work becomes a manifestation of the inner transformation.

Vision as the raw material of the future.