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My Visions

A vision is the conception of the state we wish to create. ...

... But in reality it is not restricted to the future.

A vision that cannot be lived now, today, is not a vision – it is a target. Targets are quantifiable and as yet unattained states in the future.

Visions can never be quantified. It is an emotion, a form of energy, that generates the pull towards a “common cause” and lets all those involved “benefit”, drives everyone on and makes the attainment of undreamt-of results possible.

Bookproject “Less”

The vission of less is to try to use the potential of neuroplasticity and mirror neurones for the transformation of individuell patterns of excitement in reference to habbit and adiction.

Only through the recognizability of our patterns of excitement via external or internal impulse it becomes possible to transform ones reactiv life into an active life.

Trough implicite habbits we have degraded ourselves in varios fields but now  we have the ossibility to to change from survivalmodus into modus of creation – simply by thinking differently.

The main focus of less is going to be primarily concerned with the usage of neuroplasticity and mirror neurones in present and future nutrition.

On request individuel consultation and supervision during the process of transformation is available.

The future cannot be foretold; it can be created.